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I am a twenty five-year-old filmmaker with a heart for storytelling. My beautiful wife Arielle (who has red hair like the mermaid) and I live in Elk Grove, CA.  Iโ€™ve traveled a bit and would love to see as many places as I can, although I love being FROM somewhere and think itโ€™s important to have a place to call home. 

I love music so much that I couldnโ€™t be a filmmaker without it; its just as crucial to me as the shots in my videos. My favorite aspect of filmmaking is the potential to evoke any emotion, and it is something I want to continually grow in and challenge myself with. I love listening to what people have been through; especially when it involves the juxtaposition between joy and hardship. There is beauty in the journey, and it is my hope to capture even just a brief glimpse into the entirety of your story.

*Photo by Katie Palin Photography (@katiepalin)* 

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Wedding Packages begin at $2000 for 2018.  This is my last year for weddings so let's get you booked!

Music Videos currently begin at $400 and depend on your goal and vision. Please contact me to discuss your project and pricing! 

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